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What is soul healing/reading? Group chakra and aura alignment and a demonstration of healing unresolved feelings and emotions.

Debbi Chambers is an International Spiritual Medium. Debbi is very passionate about channelling messages from loved ones in spirit using Clairaudience. Clairvoyance and Clairsentience, bringing peace, comfort and clarity. Debbi has also been an intuitive therapist for over 25 years. She combines healing sessions using Reiki, Reflexology, Muscle Injury Therapy, Past Life Regression and Soul Healing. Debbi teaches Reiki and Spiritual Development as well as various workshops.

Crystals for Abundance & Mental Health

Dawn will advise you on which crystals to use for abundance and where to place them and which crystals are beneficial for mental health.

Dawn Meadows has been on her crystal path for nearly 30 years, being very knowledgeable and intuitive, she has created her own crystal cards, plus an array of workshops and accredited courses. Dawn also channelled her own method of crystal readings.

How to Thrive During Menopause

Menopause does not need be a negative experience, with the right support, women can thrive and achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Melissa Neisler Dickinson is a passionate advocate for women’s health and wellness during the menopause. As the founder of the Menopause Vitamin Company, she has become a trusted voice for women navigating this sometimes difficult phase of life.

Your Tarot Journey

Introducing you to the magic and history of the major arcana of tarot. How it will provide guidance and help on your interesting journey through life?

Liz Roberts has read Tarot most of her life and studied with some fabulous teachers. Author of 2 tarot books, appeared on tv and radio in different countries. Teaching tarot and giving readings is a constant delight.

Guided mediation for self love

Join me for a short guided mediation to increase your positivity , wellbeing and happiness.

Emma Theobald is a trained hypnotherapist , I’m much better known for my stall selling new and pre-love tarot cards, I love reading, cats and the history of cunning woman magic.

Liberate Your Voice To Liberate Your Life

What if you could express yourself with clarity, confidence & conviction in any situation? What if you spoke about yourself positively rather than humbly mumbling your qualities and achievements? What would you be doing that would improve your life and maybe the lives of others?

Judith is a multi award winning vocal confidence coach, speaker & author. Combining her skills as a professional actress, qualified coach, and voice-vibration sound and chakra energy healer, she works with individuals and companies and also runs group workshops & retreats.

The Power Of Medicinal Mushrooms

Join Juliette as she guides you through the world of medicinal mushrooms in an easy to understand way. Explaining the numerous health benefits and ways to work with the mushrooms.

Juliette Bryant is a leading figure in the field of health transformation. She has travelled the world seeking out and studying the most effective tools for achieving good health and healing.

Wellbeing & Energy. Taking care of both!

Edafe, a graduate of Chris Cozens’ Professional Reflexology Course and now a Tutor herself, will explain how looking after our energetic space can enhance our wellbeing.

Edafe is a reflexology tutor with excellent intuitive and healing capabilities. Her sessions are followed by aftercare advice that are unique to each client. She now offers Professional Reflexology courses to learners both online and in person.

The Shamanic Medicine Wheel

An introduction and explanation about the medicine wheel and the four directions. For people who maybe interested.

Karen Edwards (Starweaver) Founder of Nayature. An Advanced Shamanic Teacher and Healer of the Peruvian lineage. A Mesa carrier and Earth Keeper.

Nothing is to Hard for You to Face

Don’t you know how long you have waited to reach this point in your life? You knew it would not be easy – yet you said you wanted to try.Now is the time to call on higher strength and support – always ready and willing to step in.

Internationally respected, Stephanie J. King – known globally for over 35 years, is a thought leader and innovator in the field of mediumship, spiritual teaching/healing: her award winning, bestselling books, support and help you overcome the changing facets of life.

Re-discover Your Soul's Essence

Wellbeing and spirituality come from looking inwards; overcoming self-sabotage, surrendering to the flow of life and leading a life of love, compassion and kindness. It’s a way of being. Hear a story of self-rediscovery and learn tips on how to re-discover your soul’s essence.

Claire is a certified mental fitness life coach and mindfulness teacher. She guides and empowers women to unlock their full potential by overcoming life’s challenges so they can lead fulfilling, purpose-driven lives with resilience, compassion and kindness.

432Hz Sound Healing with Ceremonial Grade Cacao

Learning how to integrate sound and ceremonial grade cacao for deep relaxation, healing and complete alignment with your heart.

Colin Wyatt is a sound healer & focuses his instruments primarily of the frequency of 432Hz. This frequency helps balance the body, mind & reconnects is with nature. Added with ceremonial cacao, participants to Colin’s sound baths have also repotted profound healing experiences.