Yoga Space

See what is going on at our yoga space this year. Sponsored by Hazel and Co Yoga.


10:30am - 11:15am

AM Yoga Practice

Celebrate the day with a smooth practice. Simple classic yoga practice. 

Wake the mind and love the body. Open your energy system. 

Hazel Baldwin is a creative spirit who is always crafting new holistic encounters with yoga, so you can get a real taste of how the practices which have changed her life can enrich yours.

11:30am - 12:15am

Heseya Yoga

Join me for a 45-minute flow to connect you with the universal life force and your own energy force to bring emotional and physical balance and healing where it is needed – suitable for all levels.

Abi Jenkins is a yoga teacher, Reiki and holistic practitioner, as well as a long standing mental health nurse. Abi believes movement is medicine, focusing on bringing your well-being into your heart and mind. Abi teaches all levels and abilities with the intention of bringing a little balance to your physical and energy bodies! Join Abi for a grounding and balancing, finding space to leave you feeling relaxed and restored.

12:30pm - 13:15pm

Laughter Yoga

An hour of fun, laughter, chuckles & chortles combined with deep breathing and relaxation.

Karen Clarke has over 30 years of experience as a teacher of Hatha Yoga, Karen Clark has a rare gift which shows in her established classes in Felixstowe. It was after realising that she was taking life far too seriously she decided to qualify at the laughter yoga International University. With deep foundations of her decades experience with now a joyous offering of Laughter Yoga. Possibly the most inclusive yoga ever!

13:30pm - 14:15pm

Your Safe Space Yoga

A somatic yoga practice – everything we have ever been through is held in the body, all the stories that we tell, the memories we recall. Through sacred movement we build somatic awareness through a journey of rediscovering your truth. Ease tension, choose the new story, self-empower and dissolve what is not aligned with your future.

Eloise activates a deeper connection to universal intelligence by using the body to access insights to understanding who you are. Set yourself free from anxiety, pain, stress and worries. Live life with more fun, pleasure, peace and passion for the magic of this world.

14:30pm - 15:15pm


Celebration all body types with a full excess class. Yogability is the fusion between authentic yoga and innovative techniques, it means the dynamic duo teach as a pair bringing a fresh perspective to the yoga community.

Ellie & Steve are both disabled yoga instructors. Steve has a visible disability as he has one arm and Ellie has an invisible disability called endometriosis which causes her chronic pain. They choose to see these as their “superpowers”. Their intention when establishing Yogability has been to bring the authentic Nepalese yoga they had trained into the Western body type regardless of age or ability.

15:30pm - 16:15pm

Hazel & Co Full Crew Yoga

(all teachers come together, working in a cohesive collaborative)

Yoga Nidra consolidate your experience of being at the MBS show with a deep non sleep yogic rest and digest.

Hazel Baldwin is a Creative spirit who is always crafting new holistic encounters with yoga, so you can get a real taste of how the practices which have changed her life can enrich yours.


10:30am - 11:15am


Cris opens the day with a sweet Sun flow. Wake and shine. 

Vibrant Cris presents a Hatha Vinyasa Yoga style with a playful edge. Let her loosen you up and open your heart vibes. In her class she will guide you in feeling good in your body mind and soul. As a recovering perfectionist and yoga lover she puts her understanding of fitting yoga into the daily life of a busy mother of two with that extra special edge of Brazilian light and energy.

11:30am - 12:15pm

Move Your Belly

Hips don’t lie, in this fun workshop as you step into middle eastern (belly) dance. Learn some ‘belly basics’ which we will form into a little dance routine, guaranteed to make you smile.

Leanne Carrington-Payne of Mystic Bellydance has been teaching the way of the belly (dance) since 2007, guiding students on their dance journeys and performing across East Anglia and beyond with her troupe.

12:30pm - 13:15pm

Yoga to Heal

Yoga to Heal and release your whole system. Taking a lighter approach to a yoga practice. An easier way to do yoga. 

Hazel Baldwin is a Creative spirit who is always crafting new holistic encounters with yoga, so you can get a real taste of how the practices which have changed her life can enrich yours.

13:30pm - 14:15pm

Tai Chi & Chi Gong

Ruth has been practicing Chi Gong and Tai Chi for over forty years. Come and enjoy this relaxing workshop, connect to the energy of heaven and earth in flowing moves. These exercises are suitable for all ages and abilities and aim to bring harmony to mind body and spirit.

Ruth Anderson has been studying Thai chi and chi kung for 40 years and trained in China and Europe. Her masters are Wei Chi Fen, Zhou Zhi Haou, Chen Lei, John Ding and Nigel Sutton. She is on an incredible journey, happy to meet other people on this path towards freedom and happiness.

14:30pm - 15:15pm

Honour Yoga: Hatha to Vinyasa

Inspired by the sea, a Sunday Yoga Flow class.

Holly Aldred started her yoga journey back in 2018. Her classes are a combination of Yin, Hatha and Vinyasa. Holly’s style of teaching gives student a well rounded understanding due to her delightfully crisp, metaphors and similes. She has a passion for teaching Chair Yoga and shares this with care homes and beyond. Hollie has a unique style look and heart. A rare soul in the yoga community and once experienced, you will be drawn back repeatedly.

15:30pm - 16:15pm

Yin Yoga

A sweet yin yoga practice to culminate the yoga the Shala.

Yoga Jane: After experiencing yoga with inspirational teachers Jane decided to begin teaching herself. She chose the path of Hatha and yin yoga. Her style has developed into one that uses careful explanations, to ensure her students can relax into a beautiful yoga class. She continues to research train and deepen her understanding of the body, breath and movement. And she can be found teaching all over the Suffolk area from Snape to Hollesley.

Open Both Saturday and Sunday

Opening Times - 10am - 4pm

Phoenix Sauna

Accessible mobile sauna and cold plunge. Bringing sauna to as many people as possible, providing the simple, ancient traditions of sweat bathing and sweat lodge. Sharing and understanding these practices is to harness powerful tools for holistic nurture and healing.