See who is delivering treatments at Back to Nature this year.

Therapist and Readers available to pre-book

Soon, a booking system will be available to book any of the following treatments and readings with our specially selected team.

Ashley Scott - Therapist

As a child, I was always fascinated by plants medicine and hands on healing. I passed a 4 year medical herbalist course and as a reflexologist in 2001. Over the past 20 years, I have also trained as a Dr. Hauschka and Weleda esthetician, Tuina therapist, Rahanni and spiritual healing, facial reflexologist as well as other CPD courses.

£50 – One hour treatment

  • Face or foot reflexology
  • Tuina deep tissue massage
  • Full body massage using oils


£30 – ½ hour treatments

  • Foot reflexology
  • Tuina deep tissue massage
  • Back, neck and shoulder massage (using oils)


Tuina is a deep tissue massage. The client is covered with a cloth, and the therapist works over the cloth using special hand moves to work over meridian lines, pressure points, muscles and joints.

Inna Kushnirova - Therapist

Bioresonance (frequency) Diagnostics to improve one’s well-being and energy. Learn more about yourself in only a few minutes by doing a DePuls wellness test.

It will show:

  • How well all your organs and systems are working.
  • What your biological age is.
  • Your stress and energy levels
  • And much more.


Detoxify your body and mind and harmonise your own frequencies for more energy and better performance, by unique bioresonance sessions. Choose an effective and natural way to improve your wellbeing!

Pre-book your Wellness test, consultation, and bioresonance session:

  • 45min – session time
  • £49 – your health investment

Readings by Psychic Paul

Down to Earth Readings from a Psychic Intuitive. As a child I never really felt alone. At the age of 9 my Spirit Grandmother sat on my bed and told me, “Dad was with her now” before my mum broke the news of his passing. Giving massages as a child, did not always go down well. Only to hear them say, “how does your boy know that”.

£50 – One hour

£30 – ½ hour

Readings by Wayne McHugh

Offering Mediumship and spiritual guidance readings. Wayne is also a teacher of all aspects of self (mindfulness) psychic and energy awareness, mediumship, colour and art inspiration and sound vibration.

£50 – One hour

£30 – ½ hour

Phoenix Sauna

Accessible mobile sauna and cold plunge. Bringing sauna to as many people as possible, providing the simple, ancient traditions of sweat bathing and sweat lodge. Sharing and understanding these practices is to harness powerful tools for holistic nurture and healing.